The club ticket opens the possibility to receive 100 dollars every day absolutely without risk!
You sign up for the club. This will give you the opportunity to purchase a club ticket for only one dollar and become a participant in the daily draw.
Every day at 20-00 GMT (UTC) there is a club draw in which a prize fund is played among all club tickets. That means there's a winner every day!
If your ticket wins, the money is instantly credited to your personal account. Then, you can buy more club tickets, or you can just withdraw your money in any convenient way for you.

If the luck is not today with you, don’t be upset! The club ticket does not burn out and will automatically participate in all future prize fund draws.
  • Draw every day
  • Prize fund $100
  • Ticket can be sold back to the club
  • Tickets are not limited
  • After winning the ticket does not burn
  • More tickets — more chance of success
What do you think you can buy for one dollar? It seems like pretty much nothing. But in fact, for one dollar you can buy a wide variety of things in different countries of the world.
  • Hungary: 4 apples
  • Denmark: a milk package
  • Italy: a kilogram of spaghetti
  • Croatia: an ice cream
  • Austria: a bun
  • Spain: a cup of coffee
  • England: a newspaper
  • Argentina: a metro ticket
  • Costa Rica: a watermelon
  • Belize: a portion of roasted bananas
  • Turkey: a bus ticket
  • Philippines: 3 batteries
  • USA: parking for an hour
  • Thailand: 4 liters of water
Or you can buy a club ticket and have a chance to get $100!
How would you like to win the club's daily prize pool?

Club draw

Tell your friends about the club
1. What kind of club is this?
One Dollar Club is a unique place where every day there is a draw of prize Fund of $100.
2. What is the peculiarity of the club?
A key feature is the fact that club tickets never burn out and can be sold back to the club. Thus, it turns out, that in our club it is impossible to lose money.
3. It turns out that the draw is a win-win?
Yes. Every day you win or you don't win, but you don't lose anything.
4. How is the prize fund replenished?
The prize fund is replenished by sponsorship integrations.
5. Is registration free?
Yes, registration at the club is free.
6. How much is a club ticket?
One dollar.
7. How the winner is defined?
Random number generator.
8. How many tickets can I buy?
There are no restrictions for purchase.
9. Do you have to watch the draw every day?
No, not necessarily. Every day after the next draw you will receive an e-mail notification of the results. You can unsubscribe from notifications in your personal account.

Money back guarantee

100% security
when buying tickets

24/7 customer support

26.09.2020 The winner of the club draw: aligarh from Boston, ticket number 6163601231.

25.09.2020 The winner of the club draw: Boby from NY, ticket number 9903790678.

24.09.2020 The winner of the club draw: Brand from LA, ticket number 4605073000.

23.09.2020 The winner of the club draw: Valeron from Izhevsk, ticket number 8529993149.

22.09.2020 The winner of the club draw: aligarh from Boston, ticket number 1457828941.

aligarh Boston

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Boby NY

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Brand LA

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Valeron Izhevsk

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aligarh Boston

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